Living in a green home

Making living in a green home easy

Climate changes have made it of utmost importance to every individual to make efforts to save the environment and the planet at large. One of the best ways every person can help with this is to turn their homes into green homes and the options are quite many. This guide is designed to help in making that transition.

Building a green house

Building a house that is 100% green is among the options that you have in making a difference in the world. There are so many choices you can make in your home to make it as green as possible for the sake of the environment. The resources provided below will prove helpful in the process of building a green house in all aspects.

Green materials for building – There are so many green material options you can choose from to finally create that home that saves lots of energy and conserves the environment.

Green home building tips – These tips break down the building process for you so you have an easy time getting everything right and making all the right choices.

Green building methods – Green building can be done in different ways both for the exteriors and interiors. Find out the options you have with the methods and what each has to offer as far as benefits go.

Green home advantages – The information included will give you full details on the advantages you stand to enjoy when you finally build a green home. It is not really just advantageous to the environment, but you could end up saving lots of money on utility bills as well.

Qualities of a green builder – Only a qualified green builder will get you the house of your dreams. This guide will help you choose a professional green builder who has what it takes to make your future home perfect. Find out what qualifications they should have.

Solar energy resources

Solar is the alternative green energy that has so much to offer and a lot to save the environment and consumers as well. In this guide you will find very helpful resources to make necessary improvements, whether you are building a new home or remodeling what you already have.

The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy – Find out everything there is to solar energy so you are in a position to make your decision.

Solar appliances options – Apart from solar panels, there are other appliances you can get for your home to save energy and use what is readily available. Find out more.

How do you choose a solar panel? – Getting the right panel for your needs is very important. Find out what factors matter most when choosing from the huge range of solar panels available in the market.

Tips to reduce energy use – There are so many areas in your home that use up energy. This guide takes you through simple changes that will make a huge difference.

Insulation options for your home – The information here will help you know exactly where to insulate your home so that you reduce carbon footprint and save you money as well.

Water conservation

Water is definitely a very precious resource that cannot be manufactured. Weather changes have drastically affected the levels of water across the globe, yet each household requires gallons of this precious resource to function efficiently every single day. The sections below will give insights on what you can do to help conserve water everyday.

Ways to reuse and recycle water at home – Not many people think about how they can reuse and recycle water at home before pouring it away. This guide will teach simple ways you can reuse that water you consider dirty.

Gardening with less water – A garden does not only make your home beautiful, but it can also help you save on groceries if you are creative. Since you need water for it, find out how you can still enjoy gardening without wasting too much water on it.

Simple ways to fix leaks – The information here will open your eyes to that leak you have been ignoring yet it could be wasting gallons of water. Some leak issues are so easy to fix even without a professional.

How to harvest rainwater – Get to know about the additions you can make to your home so you can tap rainwater that can go a long way in conserving water.

Easy tap habits that save water – A good number of people waste water even without realizing. In this section learn simple tap habits that actually save water. Stop wasting water when using that tap today!

Green cleaning

Modern cleaning appliances and products have had an effect on energy consumption and also pose dangers to the environment. But by incorporating some green cleaning options into your home cleaning routine, you can make a huge difference in the world. Go through the resources and see how you can keep your home clean and eco-friendly at the same time.

The advantages of air drying clothes – When you allow your laundry to air dry, you will not only be saving energy. Find out what other advantages you stand to enjoy when you skip the dryer.

How to buy energy saving washing machine – They are convenient and you may not always manage to hand wash your laundry. This guide will help you make the right choice when buying a washing machine as far as energy consumption goes.

House cleaner ingredients you should avoid – Even though they are made to make cleaning easier around your home, what they contain can translate into how harmful they are to you and the environment. Here are the ingredients to be on the lookout for.

Options for car washing machines – Apart from using up too much energy, some of the machines used to clean cars really waste water as well. Are there other better alternatives to them?

Simple cleaning recipes you should try – Vinegar and baking soda makes very good recipes for cleaning around the house. Go through the section how you can apply the gentle but effective ingredients you have at home to clean.

Green transport

The transportation systems in the world contribute to global warming, health complication and environmental degradation. Considering that a huge percent of road transportation requires oil, air pollution risks are very high. Check out the resources below to see what options you have as far as green transportation goes.

Green transport benefits – Green transport is becoming very popular in different parts of the world. This section takes you through the benefits it has to offer and why you should consider going green.

Modes of green transportation – From electric motorcycles to green trains, the information offered here will get you familiar with the modes of green transportation that are now available so you can weigh options and probably settle on one.

The advantages of electric bikes – They have gained popularity, so what are the reasons behind their popularity? See the advantages of electric bikes.

All about hybrid cars – They are impressively low in terms of emissions. This section will tell you everything you need to know about hybrid cars including advantages and disadvantages to help you make a decision.

Do you really need to drive? – Pedestrians have zero emissions of greenhouse gases. This is a simple indulgence in everyday activities you can actually handle without the need to drive your car. Contribute to a better future by embracing simple changes in your life.

Having pets and being green

It may not seem logic to say that pets are bad for the environment but they indeed are. Maybe not directly but by the products and gadgets pet owners choose to go for in the name of handling and managing their chosen pets. The resources in this section can be helpful, especially for pet owners in terms of making the right decision with their pets.

Eco-friendly pet trainers and collars – So many pet devices have been developed all in the name of offering convenience and peace of mind to the owner. But are there eco-friendly items that you can buy for your pet?

How to keep your dog healthy – This section offers health tips for dogs so that you can save them from vet visits that could end up being harmful to the environment in one way or the other such as chemotherapy.

Pet food additives that are dangerous – Some ingredients in pet food end up harming them and the environment too. Find out how to tell good pet food so that you can make the right choices when buying products for your pet.

Ways pet owners can be pet friendlyOwning a pet does not mean that you should be blind to going green. The information included in this section goes to show pet owners the various ways they can remain eco-friendly even as they enjoy their pets.

How to preserve pet food – Food storage for pets just like that for humans may require energy use. Fortunately, there are natural methods you can embrace to ensure your pet food remains preserved even without any refrigeration required.

Other resources

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